“Where are we now?”

“Look around you…”

He stepped forward, watching what there was around him. “There are only craters, footsteps, and a flag. I think no one has visited this place for at least 100 years.”

“I would say even 200. But if no one had come here, we would have never been able to travel around the Solar System.”

He looked at her a bit astonished. “Are you saying that’s the moon?”

She nodded. “That was the first time that humans landed somewhere different from Earth. And a few decades later they began to go way further. …

Nothing but a sinister mist in front of your eyes.

That turns dreams into nightmares,

Youth into old age.

That makes you slave of a place,

prisoner of a memory.

The hand shakes,

The air is thin.

The fingers tremble around a pencil,

letting pour the despair.

The breath gets calmer,

the tears dry.

Keeping a sheet in front of your eyes.

Picture taken in Istanbul, December 2017

Claudia is a Brazilian woman passionate of writing that submit a few stories to our publication in the past weeks. But there is something left to share from her…

It was a cloudy spring afternoon. I rested unpretentiously in the usual spot, watching the trees in the park. Little did I know that my life would be beautifully turned into ordered chaos in a few hours.

I was brooding, and suddenly I felt a cold hand touching me. I shuddered. That was a feeling I had not had for a long time.

A singular magnetism took my body. I had…

A hide inspired story by Alessandro, an Italian photographer and videomaker.

One day I decided to hide my soul. I woke up, blank and sad. So I walked outside, I went to the beach heading North, climbed the steep cliff, and reached the lighthouse. It was 80 feet, white and red in circles, with a small grey door and two windows facing the roaring ocean. I brought my soul with me and I wanted to hide it in the bulb room, so I followed the 200 steps winding staircase. When I arrived in front of the door I noticed the…

A hide inspired drawing by Maria, a Spanish theatre actress.

A short hide inspired story by Julia, an Ukrainian videomaker.

Once there was a tree who loved to hug people.

At first, passer-byes were scared, but little by little they got used to gentle, careful tree hugs which HIDE them in the sea of leaves.

In spring the leaves were tender and small. In summer, they were dark green. In autumn they were all the beautiful shades of yellow, red, orange, and even black.

The Tree decided not to hug people in winter with the cold, snowy branches and kept the proper social distance. Yes, winter was a very lonely time for the Tree.

Since the Tree was shy, I couldn’t take its picture, but here are some of its leaves.

A short hide inspired poem by Claudia, a Brazilian woman passionate of writing.

I’m just who I am:
One who shines without glowing;
One who welcomes without deceiving;
One who feels without ceasing;
One who lives despite grief;
One who hides to love.

A hide inspired drawing by Sia, a Bulgarian painter and illustrator.

A short hide inspired poem by Matt from Cowboys from space.

I hide my soul in a box.

I put inside a little dragon.
That made me fly when I was too short to open the door.

I put inside a picture.
That I took of the most special person I have ever met from the door.

I put inside this letter.
That will stay here while my eyes will face the horror out of the door.

I hide my soul in a box.
To refind it if I will have the chance to open the door again.

A hide inspired work by Cesare, an Italian artist and architect.

“I hid from the world”

Matt Supertramp

I love listening to a lot of music, taking pictures and drinking coffee. Sometimes I try to find stories for @cowboysfromspac, sometimes I get lost somewhere.

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